Hello there, i am Amirah.

First and foremost, i created this blog because i felt like to. Besides sharing with Allah in Du’a everytime after pray, i want to share the ups and downs of my life with the world. I love to be alone. People that close to me will know that i am that type of person. I have many things to tell to share to show but i’d rather be silent. Sometimes people around us refuse to listen to our stories either good or bad ones. I thought with sharing my stories here, people will be more understand the hardships i went through.

From the monologue to the voice out, from my world to the outside of my world. They will never know till they feel.

Thank you for dropping by and if you wish to further contact me, do drop me an email at nadhirah.amirah@gmail.com

When you feel life is difficult, turn to Allah.