It’s been 522 days.

Dear H,

It’s already 2017. How time flies. A year and half back was great. Remember when we were in form 5? We spent a lot of times together on whatsapp. We talked a lot. I never get bored with your stories. Even the nonsense ones. As long as it is from you.

522 days ago…

It was Sunday. On the Saturday, we had our Graduation Day which was held at Sunway Putra Hotel. Phew, the place that full of memories of us. You kept waiting for me that morning. You asked many times “kat mana?”

The most sweet was we promised to wear the same colour outfit. It was maroon. I call it as our colour. Oh one more thing. You were so stylish with your new iPhone 6s. I was so touched and  appreciated that i was always the first one to get to know something from you. I felt loved when i always be your first thought in the morning and last thought in the night. Like we used to chit chat that time. I always waited for your texts. I will missed you whenever we didn’t get to chat even it was just for an hour. After the ceremony, you asked me to go watching movie. You wanted to watch Polis Evo but the showtime was in the late evening. Then we ended up with watching Pan. You treated me nicely that i found you were so gentleman eventhough you always said that you ‘masuk air’. I admit that by the way. But i think it is still cute in my eyes until now. You bought me chatime. Thanks a lot. You took care of me that day. I appreciated much.

On the next day, yes Sunday. I woke up with my heart which full of happiness. Your text always popped out in the notifications. But it was different this time. It made me feel different this time. You sent our pictures that we took yesterday and a picture of a mirror that has a reflection of you but on the mirror written ‘I LOVE U’

I confused. I didn’t know how to respond because you never explained about that picture. So i just ignored it and assumed that you just wanted to play around or test your iPhone 6s camera. Lel. But inside my heart, ofcourse it was totally different. Pretended to ignore the feeling was hard. After this day, i was in trouble. After this day, i just realized that my heart was all for you. I fell for you. I was sure that you fell for me too. We never declared. But the way we talked the way we chatted, i could say that we loved each other. We were so lovely. It’s like there was something that tied us. We couldn’t stay apart. The tie was like never wanted us to be apart. I didn’t want to let you go and so did you. Maybe some people will call it as we were meant to be.

But pity us, it wasn’t last long. It lasted for only a month and half. After that, i couldn’t say what actually happened to us. I’m sure the answer is all with you. I don’t want to tell what happened after that because i’m still hurt and confused about that.

I missed the late night conversation of us. You know what, i still have and keep our conversations from start, from the really beginning, since you used the old number. It’s like i already memorize all the words and sentences you had sent on chat. It’s fun to re-read it. I bet you have deleted our conversations.

Dear H, it’s been 522 days. You seem so happy with your life now. Your uni’s life looks great. Eventhough we seldomly talk now, do know that i’m still watching every activities you do. I’m still waiting for your text. I’m still thinking about you days and nights. I just want you to know that i’m here for you. Feel free to find me whenever you dont have someone to talk to. I’ll be there for you. Always. If you are reading this, i know things will never turn like before. You are in a position that you are no longer have interest in things like this. But as you ever said before “we still can be friends”

Stay safe, Dear H.


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