Eat to live.

What a cloudy evening. The rain has just stopped. After Zuhur prayer just now, i grabbed a chance to sit a little longer on the sajadah to make Du’a since it was raining heavily.

“Du’a ketika hujan lebat InshaAllah termakbul”

So i told and asked many things to Allah as He loves to hear to His servants beg for more and more. Sometimes we want many things in mind but often when on sajadah we are like clueless to ask. Is it because we feel ashamed or what we wish for is not that important for now? Tepuk dada tanya selera.

Okay back to the topic. Basically food is important to us to live. As nowadays there are a lot of weird foods exist. From ice cream in the vase to big cup coffee and now shell out, makan dalam dulang and even besen? Those food are looking so delicious when they pop out during i scroll the timeline. I feel like i want to eat all those food when i’m home in three weeks from now! I’m craving for many kind of foods! I might turn out to be a monster if i didn’t get to eat all that! Beware.

RSMY cheese nan

Nasi arab

Tandoori chicken

Mangga Susu

Kak Imah’s kek batik cheese

Lamb chop!!!


That’s it. The money matters most. How do you want to go out to eat something delicious when you are run out of money? I think of this problem a lot these days. How did my parents go to work to earn to make money to buy us food? As i grow up, i think a lot of things. We all experience the same thing aren’t we?

We are now live in this era. The more the weird foods exist, the higher the price will be. I can say that we all have wasted the money just on food. I don’t know but people nowadays seem to be hungry most of the times, so do i. I can’t stay still if i dont chew something. I keep chewing snacks and biscuits in my college. I keep searching for food. In short, i can’t live without food. WE ALL can’t live without food. Food is heaven. Food is bae. Roti canai oh my…….. I must get one soon.

Make sure you eat when you feel hungreeehhhhhhh.


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