He can’t be stopped.

Do you guys already know that uni’s life is kinda sucks?

I JUST knew it and i am….. Erghhhhhhhhh!

Now i am a semester 2 student. Next week i will be sitting for final exam. Currently in not-so-called-“study week” mode because a week of holidays are not suppose to be wasted right? Or nah? That is why i ended up with this! Okay whatever.

Here i want to share with you guys about this one young man…

“OHHH MY GOSH HE IS CUTE” That was my first impression about him in the early of this second semester. He is new in my class anyways. He is shorter than me. I got a chance to ask where on earth he is from during workshop class. He is from Kelateyyyy. He is not handsome pun actually but people say “don’t judge the book by its cover” a lot. He reaaaalllyyyy loves to sleep during lecture. LEL. Then i had a thought of to become friends with him or kalau ikut nawaitu tu, nak jadi more than a friend lah. So i started a conversation with him on whatsapp. It felt like we already close but still malu-malu kucing in reality.

I got to know his birthday. COINCIDENTLY HIS BIRTHDAY IS THE SAME WITH MY KL CRUSH’S BIRTHDAY! I couldn’t believe it. Okay la to be honest, i tried to like this young man because i wanted to forget the pain about my KL crush. So i planned to give him chocolates on his birthday.


That was all me, BACK THEN, before i got to know something that lied behind his calm water face.

TILL this one fine night… After my friend Safira and i attended iM4U’s Annual General Meeting, i saw him with a woman at the staircase. Let me repeat.


I was outrageously shocked! I screamed out loud in my heart. “He’s already someone’s boyfriend?!” I really shattered into pieces along the way back to college. I was really shocked surprised and whatsoever that I couldn’t sleep that night! I just couldn’t believe it that time… The worst was i still had to give that chocolates on his birthday eventhough i already knew he is someone’s. Ashamed!

That was 2 months ago okay. Now i’m survived! I already got over him! Since that night incident, i made up my mind i wanted and will move on by tomorrow. The longest was 3 days la i’m just a human being. Lel.

That’s it. I have moved on!


This young man is not easy at all. He won’t let me go just like that. He keeps texting me and teasing me about what had happened! Even now! Yes just now he texted me! He keeps bringing that topic up! I AM ANNOYED! SO FCKING BLOODY ANNOYED!

“Kau suka aku kan. Busted busted”


I was like… You already had a girlfriend then why you keep texting other woman. Damn you young man.

But i am not saying that i regret having him as a friend. I regret all along that i ever liked him. Luckily that feeling lasted for a week only. Now i just can’t bear with all his texts. Erghhhhhh please just go away and let me live my lifeeeeeeeeeeee.

If you ever read this, i am sorry. Hoping that you will understand.


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